World wide IG service means, we’re already there.

Ahmed Amin- Industrial Gear Units Repair Service

We always talk about our 24/7/365 unstoppable service that spans across Canada. But sometimes, we don’t stress the importance of the value-added services that help set us apart from the other guys. Here's a great example of how SEW's global Collaboration helped a sugar refinery get back online. 

When a sugar refinery based in Hamilton Canada, requested an urgent repair to one of
its planetary gearboxes and motor combinations. Our team of technicians quickly realized
that only a collaborative effort would get the unit back into production within the tight

A call to our friendly neighbours to the south (SEW's Wellford Plant in South Carolina), is all it
took to have a new planetary gearbox assembled and shipped to SEW Canada within 24

While the Planetary gearbox assembly took place in the USA, Canada’s in-house
service team was able to repair the KF97 gearbox and motor. Once completed, a dedicated
truck with the new unit arrived at Sucro in less than a week.

SEW-Eurodrive utilizes its Global infrastructure, in-house manufacturing, and its mandatory
systemized continuous inventory replenishment philosophy to make certain that if any of
your mission-critical drive systems fail, regardless of where you are in the world, remember,
we’re already there.