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Shane Carnegie

Electronic Products Specialist
SEW-Eurodrive Canada. | (416) 988.6343

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Shane Carnegie | SEW-Eurodrive Canada


His title is Electronics Product Specialist, his contemporaries refer to him as the “Maestro” of all things electronic.  Shane orchestrates the entire electronics selection process—which allows for a seamless interface between the components, and the applications it guides.  The key benefits for his clients are fast and accurate selection support, with guaranteed results built right in.

Industry Experience

Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage

Mechatronics Canada | with Shane Carnegie

Mechatronics Canada had the opportunity to speak with Shane Carnegie, Electronics Product Manager at SEW-EURODRIVE Canada, to learn more about MOVI-C, a modular automation system that offers a full solution for automation tasks. MOVI-C has been continuously expanding its reach into the mechatronics space, offering an encompassing solution for machine builders and integrators. Below Shane walks us through some of MOVI-C’s unique features and real-world applications.

Maxolution services by SEW-Eurodrive



Whether you are considering an expansion of an existing system, or ready to develop an entirely new one, TEAM MAX will support you with identifying the right solution for your system objectives. Our specialized teams of engineers and applications specialists are trained to discover, assess and recommend the best possible solution with the best possible outcome.  This consultative approach stems from decades of application and systems experience.

Maxolution, system solutions, Eurodrive, build right in


The benefits of SEW-Eurodrive built right in.
How do you value a company that has solved complex drive system problems for almost every application, in virtually every industry, at an unstoppable rate?   What does your business need to improve the way it manufactures, extracts, distributes, or grows its products and services?  You need a company that specializes in the integration process between the machines that do the work and the work involved in designing the machines.

Movigear | SEW-Eurodrive Canada


Achieve your ultimate production goals and produce more for less. Servo motor, gear unit and electronics are combined into one highly reliable, efficient, and hygienically designed unit. MOVIGEAR® reduces not only total start-up costs but also annual operating costs by as much as 50%!

Automated Guided Vehicle (AVGs) by SEW-Eurodrive

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) ensure an automated in-house flow of materials, and are now used for assembly lines in many industrial sectors. The MAXOLUTION® AGVS system solutions consist of intelligent vehicles, contactless energy transfer systems and WLAN communication. They offer high flexibility and great practical benefits.

AGV's MTS Series

MTS Series Automated Guided Vehicles overview.
(AGVs) are commonly used for material transfer, manufacturing assembly stations, flexible conveying systems, and many other plant production services. Mobile conveying vehicles are ideal for scalable factory automation.

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