Training Seminars

SEW-EURODRIVE Canada is pleased to announce its general product training seminars. Our seminars are specifically designed to get you up to speed with the latest in all things SEW-Eurodrive. Gain access to the latest information about our products and services. And if scheduling a date is a problem—don’t worry, we will come to you!

Our agenda will cover the following topics 
Features and Applications of:
Mechanical product
Electronic product
Industrial gearing product
Online support
Plant tours of assembly facilities
(when training is held at SEW-EURODRIVE)
To ensure your team stays well acquainted with our solutions, each attendee will receive a complimentary training kit that contains an overview of our seminar and detailed information about our products and services.
If you are interested, please submit an online request or contact Scott Gallop for more details.
Scott Gallop
Distribution Sales Manager
SEW-Eurodrive Canada. | (416) 697-2137

(416) 697-2137

Training Seminar Request


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