Life Cycle Services Modernization Service by SEW-Eurodrive Canada

Drive System Modernization Service. Life Cycle Services.

Life Cycle Services Modernization Service by SEW-Eurodrive Canada

Good partners take the next step along with you.
To ensure you are using state-of-the-art technology and make the best possible use of it.

Life Cycle Services encompass services, tools and resources throughout the entire system life cycle. This begins in the initial orientation phase and continues all the way through to the operation and modernization of your machinery and systems.

With our decades of experience and expertise, we support you with your system modernization, taking account of both framework conditions such as legal and standards specifications, and requirements relating to productivity, performance and systems / parts availability.This ensures that your system modernization brings nothing but significant economic advantages. 




Retrofit – updates your system with state-of-the-art technology.
Boost your productivity and energy efficiency, cut your maintenance costs, benefit from long-term parts availability. Everything from a single source – our retrofit service offers personal consulting and engineering, state-of-the-art drive technology, programming and visualization, along with complete installation and startup.

Support tools & resources:

Make use of the tools and resources we are able to provide you with throughout the entire system life cycle. A wide range of these are available online, and we have brought these together in our Online Support.

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