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Achieve your ultimate production goals and produce more for less. Servo motor, gear unit and electronics are combined into one highly reliable, efficient, and hygienically designed unit. MOVIGEAR® reduces not only total start-up costs but also annual operating costs by as much as 50%!

Efficient Mechatronic Drive systems MOVIGEAR®


MOVIGEAR® is an intelligent device with its own control concept. Its high-quality ¬networking features help reduce the startup time and support the monitoring and maintenance tasks. Drive tasks can be solved quickly and easily using the corresponding application software.

MOVIGEAR® is the next logical step in the development of the economically and technically successful concept of decentralized drive systems.

In addition to the enhanced features accompanied with MOVIGEAR®, benefits such as  the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and implementing a decentralized system will demonstrate the true value of what MOVIGEAR® can deliver.  A decentralized structure can save you up to a 60% reduction in installation costs, especially in extremely large production plants, decentralized installation concepts can cut costs considerably.


The Food and Beverage industry demands on materials handling systems are becoming both more complex and more specific. At the same time, less installation space is available for meeting these demands. This is why SEW-EURODRIVE researches and develops ideal application solutions. The result is the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR®. It has an advantageous, compact design and is ideal for ensuring that conveyor systems are structured efficiently.

The housing has been optimized specifically for these types of applications and can be easily integrated in today’s conveyor systems. It also enables new developments to be implemented from a completely new perspective. This technology masters high break-away and acceleration torque levels after longer system downtimes time without any limitations. The power required to drive the system can be reduced significantly.


High overall efficiency of all components (motor, gear unit and electronics):
• Optimized interfaces between motor and gear unit
• Permanent-field synchronous motor
• Highly efficient gearings
• New electronic components and intelligent control methods
•The highest motor efficiency complies already today with efficiency class IE4 (Super Premium
Efficiency) of the international standard IEC 60034
• Compact design: Motor, gear unit and electronics are combined in one mechatronic drive system
• Optimized housing, particularly suited for use in conveyor systems
• No restrictions during operation: High breakaway and acceleration torques
• The power required to drive the system can be reduced significantly
• Reduction of required reactive power (compared to motors operated directly on the grid)
• Long service life makes for high system availability
• Intelligent system with own control concept, easy to network
• Short startup times
• Supports monitoring and reduce maintenance
• Integrated user software

Installation topology with SEW controller:
• SNI: only one cable for power supply and communication; installation effort reduced by up to 60%
• SBus: for applications with higher performance requirements, such as angular synchronism, etc.
• Installation topology binary or AS-Interface
• Reduced number of variants due to wide setting range and universal mounting position
• Reduced storage costs
• High degree of protection
• Hygienic surface design for applications in hygienic areas
• High degree of reliability due to systematic development of all components
• Reduced total costs and operating costs of the materials handling system
• Integrated functional safety: Safe Torque Off (STO) up to PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1

safetyDrive Functional Safety

University of Applied Sciences
of Kaiserslautern
Department of Applied Engineering Sciences
Verified by an independent entity:
Energy saving potential of up to 50%

“A comparison of the test results shows
a significant efficiency advantage of the
MOVIGEAR® drives … over the entire load range.”

Technical data of decentralized drive systems

MOVIGEAR® drive units

• MOVIGEAR® is available in two sizes and two mechanical versions.
− MGF.2 (torque class: 200 Nm)
− MGF.4 (torque class: 400 Nm)
− MGF.4/XT (torque class: 400 Nm / increased torque)
MOVIGEAR® variants
− MOVIGEAR® with hollow shaft and key
− MOVIGEAR® with TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system

Application slot- Electroncs cover

Available electronics covers for MOVIGEAR® DSC-B and MOVIGEAR® SNI-B sizes:
− Electronics cover without application slot
− Electronics cover with application slot
The electronics cover of MOVIGEAR® DBC-B and MOVIGEAR® DAC-B is designed without application slot.
Application Options

with optional inputs and outputs
− Installation in the application slot to implement specific interfaces, such as digital inputs or digital outputs
− Option is supplied with energy in a contactless manner
− Contactless communication between MOVIGEAR® electronics and option
GIO12B application option For controlling up to 2 digital actuators and for processing up to 4 digital sensors
GIO13B application option
Equipped with the following interfaces:
− 1 digital output
− 4 digital inputs (two of them can be used as primary frequency input)
− 1 analog output
− 1 analog input

− MOVIGEAR® meets hygienic design requirements as standard
Also available as:
− Clean room variant, up to air cleanliness 2 according to ISO 14644-1
− Wet area variant (specific anti-stick surface HP200)


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