Lab ONE Tour

SEW-Eurodrive's Lab ONE Innovation Lab for Industry 4.0

Witness the latest in smart factory automation, system solutions, and advanced manufacturing processes in real time at SEW-Eurodrive’s Live Lab (Lab One). Located at the The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI), Lab ONE is a scaled version of a smart assembly ecosystem that demonstrates how humans, technology and machines collaborate on the production line. 

Experience Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing processes at SEW-Eurodrive’s / MAXOLUTION® live lab. 

(Lab ONE). The lab is designed to demonstrate the practical uses that can be integrated into your throughput processes. Solutions such as Augmented Reality (AR) are used to assist workers in product assembly—resulting in reduced assembly errors. The lab also demonstrates, in actual reality, the value of modern, flexible, and fully integrated smart manufacturing processes that are designed to adapt to a variety of industries.


What systems can you expect to see?
Pick-by-light systems
Automated-testing modules
Automated Guided Vehicles
Inductive Charging systems
New and innovative technologies


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