Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Automated Guided Vehicle (AVGs) by SEW-Eurodrive

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) ensure an automated in-house flow of materials, and are now used for assembly lines in many industrial sectors. The MAXOLUTION® AGVS system solutions consist of intelligent vehicles, contactless energy transfer systems and WLAN communication. They offer high flexibility and great practical benefits.

What’s included in the MAXOLUTION® AGV system solution?

The MAXOLUTION® Automated guided vehicle (AGV) system solution consists of intelligent vehicles, contactless energy transfer systems, and WLAN communication. Industrial AGV’s systems ensure an automated in-house flow of materials and are used for assembly lines in many industrial sectors.

AGV benefits

Ability to minimize downtime
Ability to improve efficiency
24 / 7 / 365 availability (AGV’s don’t sleep)
Improved safety of your facility
A scalable system that can reduce labour costs
An established platform for full automation
Modular and adaptable to accommodate for future expansions

What system is used to power AGVs?

AGVs are powered by our contactless energy transfer system—MOVITRANS®.
MOVITRANS® operates on the principle of inductive energy transfer. Electrical energy is transferred from a fixed conductor to one or more mobile consumers without contact. Time-consuming, cumbersome drag-chain systems have become a thing of the past.
The electromagnetic connection is made via an air gap and is maintenance-free and wear-free. This contactless energy supply enables high speeds of more than 10 m/s. And as line cables are routed under the floor, there are no longer any obstacles disrupting transverse traffic.

Advantages of using a contactless energy transfer system—MOVITRANS®.

Other advantages of integrating a contactless energy transfer system are its ability to run emission-free—resulting in a healthier work environment.  MOVITRANS® is resistant to contamination and does not produce any noise emissions.  These factors contribute to a better level of productivity, safety, and sustainable growth.


AGV's MTS Series

MTS Series Automated Guided Vehicles overview.
(AGVs) are commonly used for material transfer, manufacturing assembly stations, flexible conveying systems, and many other plant production services. Mobile conveying vehicles are ideal for scalable factory automation.

Lyall Watson, Maxolution, SEW-Eurodrive


Lyall chats about the benefits of integrating Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) into an assembly line. He also touches on some of the emerging industry 4.0 shifts occurring in the workplace.

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The benefits of SEW-Eurodrive built right in.
How do you value a company that has solved complex drive system problems for almost every application, in virtually every industry, at an unstoppable rate?   What does your business need to improve the way it manufactures, extracts, distributes, or grows its products and services?  You need a company that specializes in the integration process between the machines that do the work and the work involved in designing the machines.

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