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Lyall Watson

Sales Manager - Central Canada | MAXOLUTION®
SEW-Eurodrive Canada. | 647.291.7739

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Lyall Watson | SEW-Eurodrive


Spearheading the MAXOLUTION® initiative, Lyall is responsible for the direction of all system solutions development. His philosophy is to merge SEW-EURODRIVE’s knowledge and resources into an ultra-efficient, centralized management system that streamlines the project workflow and enforces the fundamental promise of delivering quality, and the benefits of SEW-EURODRIVE built right in.  

“Every solution we design, build, and start-up comes with our 85 years of experience and the post-sales support to back it up. The MAXOLUTION® branch brings together our core competencies and allows us the privilege of working even closer with our clients.

Our real value has always been the intangible benefits that accompany every component that leaves our warehouse, this proposition has solidified our stake in the drive component space, and has led us to where we are today.  MAXOLUTION® embraces those same principals, which ultimately means we`ve earned the trust of our clients.  Whether you are an existing client that expects nothing less than the commitment to quality you already know, or a company actively sourcing a system solutions provider, I welcome the opportunity to showcase MAXOLUTION® System Solutions."

Industry Experience

Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage
Motion Control Industry-SEW-Eurodrive
Motion Control
Warehouse Automation MAXOLUTION

SEW-Eurodrive's Lab ONE Innovation Lab for Industry 4.0

Lab ONE Tour

Witness the latest in smart factory automation, system solutions, and advanced manufacturing processes in real time at SEW-Eurodrive’s Live Lab (Lab One). Located at the The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI), Lab ONE is a scaled version of a smart assembly ecosystem that demonstrates how humans, technology and machines collaborate on the production line. 

Lab ONE, what is its purpose?

Rainer Blickle—Industry Accounts Manager, describes Lab ONE as a learning and development Centre for advanced manufacturing processes and smart automation technology.

Lyall Watson, Maxolution, SEW-Eurodrive


Lyall chats about the benefits of integrating Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) into an assembly line. He also touches on some of the emerging industry 4.0 shifts occurring in the workplace. The Smart Factory does not only consist of adding AGV's in the mix, it is a manufacturing philosophy the combines and utilizes cutting-edge technologies designed to improve the efficiency, management, and quality of the produced goods.  MORE ON INDUSTRY 4.0

AGV's MTS Series

MTS Series Automated Guided Vehicles overview.
(AGVs) are commonly used for material transfer, manufacturing assembly stations, flexible conveying systems, and many other plant production services. Mobile conveying vehicles are ideal for scalable factory automation.

Lyall Watson, Maxolution, SEW-Eurodrive

MAXOLUTION® has post sales benefits built right in

MAXOLUTION®is about maximizing benefits for our clients. When we say “we’re all in” we mean it!  Our commitment to is not only about selling one-off system solutions, but it's also about fostering meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients well past the installation date. 

Automated Guided Vehicle (AVGs) by SEW-Eurodrive

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) ensure an automated in-house flow of materials, and are now used for assembly lines in many industrial sectors. The MAXOLUTION® AGVS system solutions consist of intelligent vehicles, contactless energy transfer systems and WLAN communication. They offer high flexibility and great practical benefits.

Some of the key Cost-Saving Benefits of Industry 4.0 to the Manufacturer.

Studies done in the United States, Canada, and other countries have shown Industry 4.0 comes with several cost-savings benefits for companies which directly improves the working conditions of its employees.  We have compiled a list of the key cost-savings benefits to the manufacturer.

Humber and SEW-EURODRIVE team up to bring unique technology to North America

Humber and SEW-EURODRIVE team up to bring unique technology to North America
Partnership will equip students and employees for jobs of the future

Toronto, Ontario – July 10, 2018 – Humber College and SEW-EURODRIVE are entering into a five-year partnership agreement designed to build awareness and provide training and applied research opportunities related to Industry 4.0 technologies, a critical aspect of advanced manufacturing. Industry 4.0 places a high value on clean technology, renewable energy and robotics and transforming traditional factories into smart ones using the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.

The function of an AGV equipped with a conveyor application.

Lyall explains the function of an AGV equipped with a conveyor application. An ideal solution for shipping departments.

How Can Industry 4.0 Technology Reduce Accidents and Injuries?

For manufacturers, one of the benefits of adopting Industry 4.0 technology is a dramatically reduced number of accidents and injuries in their factories. Accidents and injuries are a huge problem in today’s manufacturing industry. Annually, thousands of people are injured in factories in Canada and around the world, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in treatments, rehabilitation, and downtime. Manufacturers who have adopted Industry 4.0 technology have learned that technology can reduce the number of accidents and injuries to zero.

Maxolution services by SEW-Eurodrive



Whether you are considering an expansion of an existing system, or ready to develop an entirely new one, TEAM MAX will support you with identifying the right solution for your system objectives. Our specialized teams of engineers and applications specialists are trained to discover, assess and recommend the best possible solution with the best possible outcome.  This consultative approach stems from decades of application and systems experience.

Maxolution, system solutions, Eurodrive, build right in


The benefits of SEW-Eurodrive built right in.
How do you value a company that has solved complex drive system problems for almost every application, in virtually every industry, at an unstoppable rate?   What does your business need to improve the way it manufactures, extracts, distributes, or grows its products and services?  You need a company that specializes in the integration process between the machines that do the work and the work involved in designing the machines.

Can Industry 4.0 help with defective rates caused by human errors?

The manufacturing process involves several steps to produce goods. One missed step, one error, one bad batch of outsourced ingredients, or one overlooked detail can cost a company millions of dollars and devastate its brand. Think of how many times we hear about car recalls or food being pulled from grocery shelves. What is the cost associated with this, and how does this happen? One avoidable cause is human error.

Get to know 4.0 at Humber

The next series in “Get to know 4.0” begins at our new Innovation Lab,  A.K.A. Lab one.  We are asking students and faculty for their insights. May 2019. 




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