Meet Konrad Kurylo 4.0

Konrad Kurylo, P.Eng (ingénieur)

Technical Sales
SEW-Eurodrive Canada. | 416.575.7721

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Konrad Kurklo, P.Eng SEW-Eurodrive


Described by many as the true professional, who is approachable—you can expect to gain tremendous value from Konrad’s interpersonal qualities, technical knowledge, and his ability to take complex technical specifications, and translate them into terms his clients easily understand.Konrad’s value proposition is to sell on the principal of trust, and building relationships with his clients.  “I’m not a drive component order taker, I sell solutions that deliver results and piece-of mind.”

Industry Experience

Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage
Warehouse Automation MAXOLUTION
Motion Control Industry-SEW-Eurodrive
Motion Control

Automated Guided Vehicle (AVGs) by SEW-Eurodrive

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) ensure an automated in-house flow of materials, and are now used for assembly lines in many industrial sectors. The MAXOLUTION® AGVS system solutions consist of intelligent vehicles, contactless energy transfer systems and WLAN communication. They offer high flexibility and great practical benefits.

AGV's MTS Series

MTS Series Automated Guided Vehicles overview.
(AGVs) are commonly used for material transfer, manufacturing assembly stations, flexible conveying systems, and many other plant production services. Mobile conveying vehicles are ideal for scalable factory automation.

ABCs of AGVs

Learn the ABCs of AGVs

What is it? What can it do? How can it be used to improve the efficiency, safety, and throughput of your process? Get to know the primary uses and the benefits of AGVs. Request your copy of the ABCs of AGVs right here.

MOVITRANS® Explained

Konrad explains the hidden benefits (literally) of MOVITRANS®—MAXOLUTION’s contactless charging system. 

Automation Motion Plan

We’re not only here to make recommendations, but we’re also here to explain the reasons why. Industry 4.0 is not an overnight solution; it requires planning of your facilities motion plan from beginning to end. Connect with me to set up a no obligation Automation Motion Plan Consultation.

Konrad Kuryllo, Contactless Energy Transfer System—MOVITRANS | SEW-Eurodrive

Contactless Energy Transfer System—MOVITRANS®

Konrad explains some of the key benefits of MAXOLUTION’s Contactless Energy Transfer System—MOVITRANS®

Power Roller ECdrives. AGV with Load Handling

ECDriveS® with AGV Load Handling Device

The low voltage, ultra-efficient, ECDriveS® are paired with a Custom Built Load Handling Device, using the M A X O - M S - T V 0 1 5 ( DONKEY) AGV. Konrad outlines the key benefits of each of the ECDriveS® power roller finishes. ECDriveS® are available in PVC for increased tracking, Stainless Steel which are ideal in food and beverage applications, and the standard galvanized steel.




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