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Partnerships that truly Shine
Have you ever been through a car wash and thought to yourself, What happens if this thing just stops? Well, fortunately, this is a rare occurrence when the car wash has been built by a company like MacNeil.

MacNeil car wash systems are built with only the highest quality standards, earning their reputation as some of the most intuitive, highly efficient, robust, and low-maintenance car wash systems available in Canada and the United States.

The SEW United crew visited the MacNeil Car Wash Systems plant in Barrie, Ontario, and had the pleasure of chatting with Jeff Tulk, plant operations manager, and Sue Chappel, marketing manager, about what they feel makes their business shine.

“It’s about maintaining our brand equity, and delivering on quality and reliability”, says Chappel, “Our car wash systems are built to last, run efficiently, and perform to the highest level.

 In Canada, many of our customers are corporately owned petroleum companies that build car wash systems as a complimentary service; however, our cross-border customers are very different.”

Ninety percent of MacNeil’s systems are exported to the United States, and because of Eurodrive’s proximity protocol, OEMs gain access to global support, regardless of where the products were purchased. Tulk explains: “Our US customers are very different from our Canadian customers. Our US customers are typically independent car wash owners/operators who live and breathe the car wash business every day. These business owners have extremely high expectations and demand a top-quality solution that performs, is easy to maintain, and generates profits.

“Needless to say, they buy our products because our car wash systems are considered a premium brand that pairs high-volume capability with low maintenance and downtime. These demands are among the many reasons we use SEW-Eurodrive gear boxes as the driver for our car washes.

”I learned from my previous employer that SEW-Eurodrive has a reputation for quality; however, I didn’t elect to use their products solely based on performance; I looked at what level of support accompanies these products.

“SEW-Eurodrive has proven its value to us on many occasions; however, the shining moment for me was when we decided to switch our main conveyor motors from a competitor’s drive, to an SEW-Eurodrive. Aside from meeting our budgetary targets and significantly cutting down lead times, it was the post-sales support that impressed me the most. During the gear motor transition, our installers experienced technical challenges related to the wiring. Our sales representative Konrad Kurylo, who is also an engineer, was able to quickly identify the problem, isolate why it was happening, and go so far as to create a step-by-step video instructing us how to correct it. This video allowed us to resolve the problem locally and abroad.

“Having a great product without the support is a risky proposition in our business. Our philosophy is to work with companies that take accountability for what they do, stand behind their products, and have their people come to the table with solutions, not additional problems. This is truly a partnership that shines.”







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