ECDriveS® with AGV Load Handling Device

Power Roller ECdrives. AGV with Load Handling

The low voltage, ultra-efficient, ECDriveS® are paired with a Custom Built Load Handling Device, using the M A X O - M S - T V 0 1 5 ( DONKEY) AGV. Konrad outlines the key benefits of each of the ECDriveS® power roller finishes. ECDriveS® are available in PVC for increased tracking, Stainless Steel which are ideal in food and beverage applications, and the standard galvanized steel.


ECDriveS® | SEW-Eurodrive


ECDriveS® technically stands for Electric Commutated Drive System, a brushless DC gearmotor. However, ECDriveS® also stands for “ easy drive”—the simple, efficient and cost-cutting drive solution for roller conveyors form SEW-EURODRIVE.  

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