Ability Stainless Steel Fabricators Testimonial

Industrial Mixer, Ability Stainless Steel Fabricators

Add two parts siblings with one part Eurodrive.

Ever heard the term, “You get what you pay for”? Does it hold any real significance in today’s business landscape when offshore “me-too” companies are claiming to produce equal quality products for lower costs? The SEW United crew traveled to Ability Fabricators in Concord, Ontario, to meet with the company's founding partners (brothers) Ram and Basil Persaud, to discuss just that.

Ability Fabricators engineers and builds a variety of equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, and nutraceutical industries.

Its products range from conveyor systems and carts-to industrial mixers-and custom oversized V-blenders. The SEW United crew was interested in finding out what the Persauds considered to be the winning mix in today’s globalized marketplace.

Basil explains, “It’s blending added value with quality products”. We are competing against offshore companies that produce similar products for less, and their prices are used as leverage against us. We need to remind our prospective customers that their upfront costs are less, but they may end up paying a bigger price over the long term.

Imagine buying a new sofa, having it shipped to your home and then discovering it will not fit through your doorway. Did the salesperson really consider all the variables? Did he or she focus solely on making the sale? This analogy became a reality with a project lost to an offshore competitor. A V-blender arrived intact; however, the offshore OEM failed to consider the size of the doorway in which it needed to pass. What was the cost to break open the wall-or rip apart the roof to get the equipment in place? How do you quantify the aggravation, stress, and lost productivity?

Ram adds, “We do not glorify our company by pointing out the weak points of our competitors. There are many good ones out there—but the truth is they are offshore, and we are here. If things don't go as planned, we are able to address and correct the problems quickly and effectively. The equipment we build is vital to our customers, and just like with anything you buy, it’s not only what you buy, it’s where you buy it.”

Basil chimes in: “Supporting Canadian businesses is very important to us. Not only does it support our economy, but it allows us the opportunity to meet our clients face to face. There will never be a substitute for interacting with clients in person; it allows us to see how they operate firsthand, what types of challenges they may face, and, most importantly, inspires us to innovate and improve what we do. These business rules are, in my opinion, a winning mix.

This mix does not only apply to how we sell; it funnels into how we buy. One of the many reasons we chose SEW-Eurodrive for our drive systems is because they share our belief that quality, care, and relationships mean more than just a good price. I also take great comfort in knowing that SEW-Eurodrive can support our drive systems regardless of where they are across Canada or the world.

“I appreciate SEW-Eurodrive’s system of recruiting specialized salespeople such as our designated representative Konrad Kurylo. In addition to being approachable and responsive, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table because of his engineering background. This quality streamlines our process, and minimizes risk.

“I was asked if I felt that having the SEW-Eurodrive 24/7 support number was an added value to our purchase. I replied, I wouldn’t know because I never had to use it. Konrad’s cell phone is my hotline number; he picks up when I call and does a fantastic job. Again, this is what I call a winning mix.”







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