ECDriveS® | SEW-Eurodrive


ECDriveS® | SEW-Eurodrive

ECDriveS® technically stands for Electric Commutated Drive System, a brushless DC gearmotor. However, ECDriveS® also stands for “ easy drive”—the simple, efficient and cost-cutting drive solution for roller conveyors form SEW-EURODRIVE.  

PART 1: Efficiency of ECDriveS®

 PART 2: Intelligence of ECDriveS®

 PART 3: Avaiable ECDriveS®  roller conveyor finishes 


ECDriveS® is straightforward: plug it in – ready – that’s what “easy drive” means

  • DC drives – optimized for the lower power range of roller conveyors in light load conveyor technology
  • Simple handling
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Simple integration and startup
  • Impressive endurance and durability in operation


The ECDriveS® drive system is therefore the perfect addition to our broad product portfolio of standard gearmotors, motor starters and decentralized drives for intralogistics in the lower power range.

Overview of ECDriveS®

  • Brushless DC gearmotor  that is directly integrated into the roller conveyor and is also universally usable
  • External commutations electronics with Ethernet-based zone controls or binary control. Ethernet controls feature integrated conveyors logistics that can provide both conveying with zero pressure and decentralized solutions for a wide range of other conveying tasks
  • 250% overload capacity at 40 W S1 power rating
  • Optimized gear unit construction for a long service life, even at high capacity utilization
  •  Precise positioning of the material to be conveyed thanks to integrated encoder




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