Meet Ahmed Amin, IG Specialist

Ahmed Amin

IG Service Specialist
SEW-Eurodrive Canada. | (905) 965-1224

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Ahmed  Amin | SEW-Eurodrive


Ahmed is a seasoned expert specializing in the repair of all types of Industrial gear (IG) motors/units. Consider him to be your eyes, ears, and your quality assurance department throughout the entire repair process.  With over 21 years of experience in the drive train and industrial gear motor industry, there isn’t much Ahmed hasn’t seen and practically nothing his IG service department can’t fix or replace.

 “Speed and quality of service are the two most important factors for our clients.  Our IG service department is specifically set up to accommodate for fast and reliable service. Our team is trained to not only understand the problem at hand but to respect and appreciate the consequences the client faces when a piece of equipment is missing or inoperable ”.

-Ahmed Amin-

Industry Experience

Pulp & Paper
Pulp & Paper
Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage

Ahmed Amin- Industrial Gear Units Repair Service

World wide IG service means, we’re already there.

We always talk about our 24/7/365 unstoppable service that spans across Canada.

But sometimes, we don’t stress the importance of the value-added services that help set us apart from the other guys.

Here's a great example of how SEW's global Collaboration helped a sugar refinery get back online. 

IG Service SEW-Eurodrive Canada

IG Service

Large and Small Industrial Gear Motor and Gearbox Repair Services.
All Makes and Models. Canada Wide 24/7/365 service and support.


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