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Large Industrial Gear Motor Repair Service

Large and Small Industrial Gear Motor and  Gearbox Repair Servcies.
All Makes and Models.   Canada Wide 24/7/365 service and support. 

BUSINESS HOURS: (905) 965-1224 
AFTER HOURS: 1.800.567.8039  

SEW-Eurodrive provides an optimal repair and overhaul service for your Industrial Gear motor, Gearbox and Servodrives. . Our services include the following:


  • A comprehensive assessment to determine whether the repair or a replacement is the most cost-effective solution
  • Detailed inspection report with photos is provided with each disassembled gearbox
  • Complete overhaul using original SEW-EURODRIVE parts – both defective, and affected parts are replaced
  • Breakdown and onsite repairs can be arranged upon request
  • Competitive pricing on both parts and labour
  • All repairs are accompanied with a one year parts and service warranty
  • Repairs performed only by a certified and highly trained SEW-EURODRIVE technician
  • Local and Global Technical support available
  • Spare gearboxes or drop-in replacements can be offered for gearboxes beyond repair. Critical spare parts stocking can be arranged to reduce downtime
  • Express repair on request
  • Can repair non-SEW gearboxes (e.g. Flender, Hansen, Falk, Santasalo and others)
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