The New Screw Conveyor- Simple and economical

Screw Conveyor- Simple and economical

Optimal Mechancial Seal

Optimal Mechancial Seal for severe environments

Regreaseable Labyrinth
Reinforced Bearings as a standard
Easy Access Design
Shaft Removal Tool
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The new SEW-EURODRIVE Screw Conveyor Drive is ready to be put to work! SEW's re-design screw conveyor now boasts a 50% higher axial load capacity, labyrinth sealing technology, and design features for ease of maintenance.  Using the SEW shaft removal tool, even the most stubborn shaft can be removed with little effort. Gear unit and seal maintenance is steamlined, as the sealed CEMA flange takes the screw load while the gear unit is removed, minimizing the need for trough access and screw removal. All of these features coupled with the proven and reliable SEW gearmotor, make the new SEW screw Conveyor Drive an ideal solution for bulk material handling applications.

Benefits at a Glance
Increased L10 bearing lifetime and higher axial load capability
Superior sealing performance
Able to operate in abrasive environments
Reduced downtime and maintenance
Flexible configuration
Available with FAZ (parallel) or KAZ (right angle) gear units
Integrated gearmotor, motor platform or IEC/NEMA motor adapter
2 Hole or 3 Hole Shaft (stainless optional)



CEMA Drive shaft ( 2 hole or 3 Hole) 


Screw Drive configurations  
SIZE  1-1/2" 2"   2-7/16”
3"   3-7/16”  
FAZ/KAZ 37  Yes - - - -
FAZ/KAZ 47    Yes Yes - - -
FAZ/KAZ 57    Yes Yes Yes   - -
FAZ/KAZ 67    Yes Yes Yes   Yes   -
FAZ/KAZ 77    - Yes Yes   Yes   -
FAZ/KAZ 87    - - Yes   Yes   Yes  
FAZ/KAZ 97    - - - Yes   Yes  
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