Pick-up and Delivery Service for Gearmotor and Gear unit repairs

Pick-up and Delivery Repair Service for Gearmotor and Gear unit

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Pick-Up and Delivery Overview

Even in transport logistics, our first-class Pick-Up and Delivery Service takes perfect care of your drive technology and automation. With a logistics concept tailored to your needs, you can take advantage of other services alongside the simple and rapid pick-up and delivery of your components on request. We will ensure that you always have access to precisely the service that you need to safeguard your system availability:

  • Pick-up and delivery of drive technology from all manufacturers
  • Provision of customized solution options for logistics requirements, ie. the Pick-up box
  • Commissioning of the required logistics company
  • Short response times upon provision of necessary data
  • Creation of transport documentation (on request)
  • Packaging of components for safe transport of components and units on-site (on request)
  • Removal and installation of components and units on-site (upon request)

Your Pick-Up Box benefits

1. Alongside the Repair Service, SEW-EURODRIVE takes care of
the entire coordination of the transport logistics for you. We
ensure your drive technology components are collected and

2. We provide you with a Pick-Up Box free of charge. You can
use this as a container for gear units and gearmotors -
even from other manufacturers that need to be checked or

3. You decide where and how urgently the container should be
picked up by our logistics partner.

4. When the full container is collected, you will also receive
an empty Pick-Up Box so that you always have a container

5. The mechanical drive technology components that you want
checked will be carefully examined by experienced SEW-EURODRIVE
service technicians and, once you have given
your approval, they will carry out repairs.

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